About Me


Hi there.

My name is Carol Ann.

I specialize in capturing moments for you, your family and your special events!


      Have you ever heard the saying,  "Jack of all trades" ? Well, as a small introduction about myself- I am a wife, a mother and a"Jackie" of all trades. In my professional life I have stepped into the fields of nursing, teaching, a corporate desk job and, now, the artistry of capturing moments. 

      *Inserts inspirational music here*

      Life is a journey. One that leads you where you are meant to go. I don't regret taking the long road to get here. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met those along my journey that have helped me stay motivated to always do and be better.

I do this by providing for you, a tangible way to keep your memories.


     My services are offered all along the nature coast from Dixie county to as far south as Pinellas county.  I am adamant that our time together be memorable and full of moments captured for you and your family!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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